New to Shapewear? Here Is a Look at Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions


Women put on shapewear for a variety of reasons and if you are new to it, having questions about it is natural. Before you go shopping for some shapewear, you need to first of all work out the type of wearer you are. Some people will wear one only on special occasions – for the floaty or structured dinner dress that looks awesome with a defined waist. For others, it is a matter of everyday confidence – shorts or briefs that simply keep everything in place throughout the day. Shapewear is also a great way to get you back into clothing you have slightly outgrown, especially around the tummy area. Shapewear makes you more confident of your shape, allowing you to discover new styles and rediscover old ones.

If you are looking for informative tips on how to launder your lingerie, or if you are looking for a guide to the different shapes available today, you should find all the answers you need in our plus size blog section. But below, before embarking on a shapewear journey, here is a look at some of the most frequently asked questions for you to consider:

1. Should I Downsize for Maximum Impact?

Absolutely not! One thing you need to know is that shapewear is not about unnecessarily squeezing your body. Wearing a smaller, waist-clinching bodysuit will not make you that size. On the other hand, it’ll merely create unwanted bumps and lumps in your contour, which defeats the purpose of wearing shapewear. A well-fitted tummy control brief or corset will bring out your natural shape, creating a naturally-defined line. Be honest with yourself and go for the right-size shapewear for that natural-looking contour.

2. Can I Wear Innerwear Under My Shapewear?

There is no need to wear an extra layer of clothing under your shapewear. Doing so will create lines that are visible through your clothing. Shapewear clothing is designed to ensure that hems and seams aren’t visible for more discreet support. If you add an extra layer of conventional innerwear, the garment’s lines may alter how your shapewear sits, causing it to be more visible. Made of breathable and soft fabrics and engineered with anti-bacterial properties, these bodysuits are designed to sit next to the skin.

3. Can I Wear Shapewear Every Day?

Yes, you can! The important thing is that you choose a comfortable, medium-control piece of shapewear for everyday use and make sure you purchase enough to take you through a week. Wearing well-fitted, high-quality pieces of shapewear will allow you to have the confidence you need every time you step out. Some women prefer medium-control briefs as their primary innerwear under their workwear. Others prefer shaping shorts as they provide superior definition under skirts, pantsuits and trousers. Regardless of your preference, the important thing is that you go for daily wear that is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.

4. What Shapewear Colour should I Go For?

It all depends on your personal preference. If you’re buying a bodysuit to wear under light coloured clothing, then it makes sense to get a nude coloured suit. If you are looking for something a bit more flexible, nude is a great choice. However, some women prefer black bodysuits, and that is a great colour too! With a range of nude, black and white shapewear at Elle Courbee, finding the perfect bodysuit for every occasion shouldn’t be a problem!

5. Is Wearing Shapewear Harmful?

Wearing shapewear shouldn’t be harmful. Long gone are the days of those organ-jumbling Victorian corsets. Nevertheless, you should always ensure that you get a bodysuit that fits you perfectly. If your suit is too tight, then it could end up hampering circulation or over compressing your stomach. We recommend that you always go for well-fitting, good-quality suits since well-sized control shorts, skirts or briefs will not cause any harm. Shapewear clothing is designed using soft, stretching fabrics that don’t constrict the body and are all about that natural definition for boosted confidence.

Of course, you still might have a multitude of questions and thoughts concerning shapewear. However, there is no need to worry since we, at Elle Courbee, tackle lots of shapewear-related topics on your website blog.

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