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BRKV – Exness forex broker – the name that you only need to mention, and the whole forex market will know. Each year, there are tons of traders who reach this broker as their clients. So what’s about Exness forex broker that makes it so popular? After trying out some of the Exness accounts, I began to understand why! Stay tuned and keep reading to know more!

If you haven’t known yet, Exness accounts are categorized into 7 different types. 4 of them are known as real accounts, and 3 others are forex demo accounts. Among all the types of Exness Accounts, I have only worked with 4 types: Exness Cent Account, Exness Mini Account, Exness Classic Account, and Exness ECN Account. Therefore, this review will only mention them

Exness Cent Account

  • Exness Minimum Deposit Amount: $10
  • Exness Spread: Low (from 0.3)
  • Exness Leverage: High (The highest compared to other brokers)
  • Exness Minimum Trading Order Volume: 0.01 lot Cent = 0.0001 lot USD (the smallest compared to other brokers)

Due to the features above, there are 3 kinds of traders who would love to use a Cent Account.

  • Traders using scalp robots: For your concerns, scalp robots are the type of bot which would grab as many transactions as possible when favorable waves are coming. This also leads to the fact that they will automatically match with accounts with the least amount of trading order volume. Among all types of Exness accounts, Cent Accounts are the lowest.
  • New traders who only have little or no experience: As Exness forex broker recommends, Cent Accounts are the best option for newbies and beginners. Its environment is realistic yet beneficial. Therefore, it’s the ideal type for people with a little experience.
  • Traders who have never traded with Exness forex brokers: This is a familiar way to test and check details about a new broker. Indeed, we can easily find our Exness spread, Exness leverage, Exness trading conditions, and so on just with a minimum deposit amount of $10.

Exness Mini Account

  • Exness Minimum Deposit Amount: Not required.
  • Exness Spread: Low (from 0.3)
  • Exness Leverage: The same as Cent Account.
  • Exness Minimum Trading Order Volume: 01 lot

From my point of view, this type of account will fit professional traders the most. With no requirements on minimum deposit amount, low spread, and the beneficial minimum trading order volume of 0.01 lot, over 80% traders have voted it as their favorite type of accounts.

Exness Classic Account

  • Exness Minimum Deposit Amount: 2000$ for the first deposit. After that, there are no requirements.
  • Exness Spread: Low (from 0.1 for the trading pair of EUR/USD) (also no commission fees)
  • Exness Leverage: Higher than Cent/Mini Accounts

As you may know, between the two types of accounts for professionals (Classic Account and ECN Account), ECN Account is always the one that is highly praised. But in our opinion, the Classic Account is better. Why? Look at the table below:

Classic Account ECN Account
–       Stable market

–       No slippages and gaps.

–       No drastic price fluctuations

–       Safer.

–       Better for traders who don’t like to risk their results.

–       Great for long-term investments.

–       Only have to deposit $2000 at your first time. Afterward, no requirements needed.

–       Frequent volatility.

–       Slippages and gaps.

–       Drastic Price Fluctuations.

–       Riskier and more dangerous.

–       Requires experts with firm skills and a high sensitivity to use.

–       Not recommended for long-term investors.

So, what types of accounts you would like to use? Tell us in the comments section down below! Overall, I think Exness forex broker has done an incredible job as their services are excellent! If you have a chance, please try it once! I promise that you won’t regret it!

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