Could There Be Solar Roads? The Latest Solar News Can Help You Stay Updated!

Scientists have spent a good part of the decade trying hard to improve the solar-powered products which are used in conserving energy directly from the sun. As the modular panels are being commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces today, the idea of installing them on the roadways is picking up steam quickly. However, the latest plan to hit the streets is that of paving the roads with solar panels that are made up of ruggedized glass in place of the ordinary asphalt.

Roads That Actually Pay For Themselves!

When it comes to the Latest Solar News, though this plan seems a bit unorthodox, it is an idea of two brilliant people, Scott and Julie Brusaw, belonging to Idaho. The husband and Wife had come up with a modular pavement system back in the year 2009. Today, this couple claims that the solar panels can be used in their upcoming projects that can easily withstand the load of more than 250,000 pounds and can last for about 20 years. These robust panels will be able to melt both ice and snow on contact along with providing warm lighting through the LED bulbs so that the drivers could easily see the debris along the road.

The solar panels are particularly the same as those that are being used in ordinary solar panels used for residential purposes. These panels are then encased in exclusively designed bulletproof glass, which has already been developed and tested at the top materials and research institutes at the University of Dayton and Penn State. The base layers of the panels, which is to be used in this particular project, will be made of 10 percent recycled glass, which from the manufacturing aspect is the most cost-effective approach of churning up the material for such monumental undertaking.

After designing and testing this prototype courtesy of funding from the FHA, the couple plans on installing these solar panels throughout the U.S. which is certainly a big project considering the number of motorways and highways there are in the U.S already.

Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

A grid of using solar roads will not only help generate energy that is suitable for lighting the streets and most likely the surrounding homes, but it could also considerably help bring down the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere by providing a means of a clean and reusable form of energy. The couple aspires to replace the power grid with the help of a smart grid, which is not only going to help the environment but the economy too!

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