List Of Ways To Use To Protect The Car From Theft

Satellite tracking of cars, which is negotiated with security houses, it is advisable to have an expensive car, and the prices are acceptable. Then you can get rid of the engine remotely. It is also useful for parents who want to check and monitor how their children drive cars, where they are … The ‘Professionals’ can make it easy, but not easy, and I can never be sure there is something else that they did not block. Get More Info and make sure to ask for your rights.

A mobile phone in a hidden place – the old Nokia, with a battery that lasts for a few days, if it is at rest and a week, for a number of reasons, becomes the goods required, and this is one of them. The mobile phone with a ‘pre-paid’ number, tight and loaded, is best hidden in the corner of the trunk, and a good electrician can solve the constant power supply. Then the police will easily find the car and surprise the thieves. Here you will be ‘faked’ …

Hold the Hands-Free Key in the Alu foil – the Internet has been a hit method for months, with thieves with a powerful decoder of laptop size, which for thousands of times intensifies the signal that the electronic key card sends, simply grabs it in front of the house or the owner’s building, they are all unblocking and can be said – goodbye to the car. Blanking an electronic key / card into an aluminum foil that blocks the signal or puts it inside a box inside a three-layer coated film will excite the thieves in search of the signal and force them to flee. Effective protection in this case is a classic electric ignition switch or fuel pump.

Disinfection means – a label indicating which alarm or protection system is installed will deter virtually every amateur, and can give the professional additional information. But if you’ve installed it in a specialized voice service, it will be a motive for more than 90 percent of the professionals to look for an easier target. Because they install it in a special way, knowing the ‘modus operands’ of the thieves. Here’s a genius ‘trick’: let the expert, besides the standard ‘lens’, which blinks for alarm, incorporate another, fake, which blinks in another place, with another color. When he notices the thief, he will say: Uh … You can even install them without alarm, and the thief will think that it is embedded.

Attention and procedure – most important: When locking a car, you need to hear the ‘click’ and spot the blink of the blinkers! Thieves often stand nearby, blocking the signal, expecting the owner not to notice and leave, leaving the car unlocked and unblocked. More serious cars are stolen with prior observation and monitoring, so do the same. If you notice anything suspicious, the vehicle from which you are being watched, followed … report to the police. Do not leave the keys, mechanical or electronic, to laundry and service workers in which you do not have 100% confidence!

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