Why Human Resource Courses Should Focus on HR Role in Business Growth

Why Human Resource Courses Should Focus on HR Role in Business Growth


We all know the basic roles of Human Resources which are hiring and firing, but HR comprises a lot more than this. The job of an HR department of a company is to manage the company’s entire employee experience, from the moment the employee applies for a position up until they finally leave the organization. HR must make the employee experience worth it while they are part of the company.

When we talk about employee experience, all of the employee-related tasks, such as compensation & benefits, performance management, training & development, mentorship programs, etc. The HR department makes sure that the employee is satisfied while they are working for the organization, but at the same time, the company is also benefitting from that particular employee.

An HR department’s task is considered to be the most important of all the other departments because they not only need to understand the needs and wants of employees, but they also need to act in favor of the organization, which makes their tasks more difficult. A company always looks forward to expanding or growing in the future, and that is only possible when its client base will increase or its sales will grow. Expanding the client base or increasing sales is only possible when employees will work hard toward achieving their goals, and when employees will be happy and satisfied with the company, they will work harder for the success of the company. As stated earlier that HR must keep the employees happy, this generally means that the success of an organization is in the hands of HR.

Human Resource Courses

In today’s modern era, acquiring education is the easiest thing. There are many websites where an individual can register for courses on several topics and many universities have also started providing courses on different topics. Similarly, certifications for HR professionals are also available worldwide, and with the latest technology, it is very easy to earn a certificate. Some of the notable names in  HR certifications are SHRM, HRACADEMIA, HRPA etc.

The eligibility criteria vary from course to course. While some require a bachelor’s degree and relevant experience, some are available for everyone, so it depends on what kind of certification you have chosen.

The Role of HR in Business Growth

Employees are considered to be a company’s most valuable asset, as they are the ones responsible for handling customers, increasing the customer base, and also keeping the customers happy and satisfied. By keeping employees happy, a company can achieve its desired goals in no time.

HR uses several strategies for employee retention, and its ultimate goal is to create an environment that supports and rewards employees so that they could boost the company’s growth.

Importance of the Role of HR in Business Growth

Human Resource Courses

Several reasons make HR important for the growth of the business, some of them are:

  • Employee Satisfaction – Employee satisfaction and retention is HR’s main goal. Even though it is difficult to measure satisfaction, but HR departments measure satisfaction through employee surveys, focus groups, and implementing new strategies that could enhance employer-employee relations.
  • Conflict Resolution – Conflicts occur in every organization no matter how friendly and cohesive the culture is. As there are many people from diverse backgrounds, misunderstandings occur frequently, but HR’s job is to resolve these conflicts and improve the relations among employees so that a positive working environment could be created.
  • Performance Improvement – The HR’s department role is to devise a plan so that employee performance could be measured and managed so that employees don’t end up in a job that isn’t suitable according to their expertise and skills. They also need to monitor employees’ performance and check whether they are contributing to the organization positively or not.
  • Budget Control – The wants and needs are unlimited, while the resources are limited. Finance is always a huge hurdle for HR professionals, because workforce management is a costly job, but HR departments design and implement those kinds of strategies that trims the cost, as well as, keep the workforce happy. Since a lot of companies have tight budgets, this role of HR is quite helpful.
  • Training & Development – It is important to ensure that all the employees have the necessary qualifications and skills to meet the demands of a customer. When businesses are expanding, they often motivate their employees to join T&D programs, which is not only beneficial for the company’s growth but also for the employee’s career.

Strategies to Implement for Business Growth

To achieve organizational success, these are some strategies that could be implemented:

  • Hiring the right candidate – If you select the right people for the company, then your customers will also be satisfied with your company’s service, and this would eventually lead to success.
  • Minimize Employee Turnover – Employee retention and satisfaction is considered to be the highest priority because hiring a new employee costs 5 times more than retaining an employee. If employee turnover will decrease, then business growth is more likely to occur.
  • Organizational Culture – The culture of an organization is very important, and usually it is neglected by the employer. An experienced and professional employee will never join an organization that has a hostile culture or doesn’t appreciate their work, and this could be an alarming situation for the company. A positive and friendly culture will attract the best candidates automatically.
  • Feedback from Employees – Employee feedback is often neglected in organizations. Employee feedbacks help in understanding the employee’s requirements, and it is also a great way to measure satisfaction. Feedback could also help HR departments solve the most common problems occurring in the organization, and allow them to find the root cause of it too.


Human Resources Departments play a key role in impacting how the business operates, and studies have also proved that strong HR practices have evoked higher rates of economic growth in a company. In this modern era, the dynamic work environment have made HR tasks more complex and also very easy. HR must balance multiple priorities and issues at the same time to achieve organizational growth.

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