The Top Tips When Trying To Manage a Busy Hotel For The Peak Season.

The Top Tips When Trying To Manage a Busy Hotel For The Peak Season.

Managing a hotel and taking care of staff from many different departments really is a full-time job and it is incredibly difficult. If you are a manager of a popular hotel then you will know exactly what I am talking about and there is very little time to yourself to just gather your thoughts and to figure out what you’re going to do. People always have questions for you and there is always something extra to do every single day. Hotels are generally busy throughout the whole year but during peak season even more so. You need to prepare yourself for many hundreds if not thousands of guests over this period and so now is the time to start preparing for such things.

It is important to surround yourself with experienced staff members who have been through this type of thing many times before and so know exactly what is expected of them and what they need to do. When it comes to purchasing, it makes perfect sense to have hotel procurement software put into place so that it makes purchasing so much easier. If you are still using the older manual processes then it’s time to move away because we now live in modern times and there are so many benefits to switching. If you work in a hotel as a manager and you would like to find out some top tips when getting ready for the peak season and the following are just some of those.

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  • Get your staff ready – As was mentioned briefly before, but for those workers who have been through busy seasons before, there is very little that you can teach them that they don’t already know. However, if you have made a number of new hires then now would be the perfect time to get everyone together and to talk about the number of customers that you are expecting to receive and what is required from them. You can encourage your full-time experienced members of staff to train up these new members so that everyone is ready when the time comes.
  • Cancel all vacation requests – At your busiest time of the year you shouldn’t really be allowing any staff to take any vacation time unless it is for a very special event like getting married or celebrating an important life milestone. The peak season is when you want to have all of your staff around you so that they are available for double shifts and for 24 hours a day if you need them.
  • Create employee schedules today – Don’t wait until peak season before you start planning out staff schedules because now is the perfect time to let everyone know when it is that they will be working and if they are required for the day shift or the night shift. This is not only good for the hotel but it is also good for your staff as they know exactly when they going to be working over the next few months.

Hopefully, these three tips will help you to better manage your hotel during this year’s peak season.

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