How to Make Your Company ID Cards More Secure?

How to Make Your Company ID Cards More Secure?

Businesses face security risks every day – from the possibility of equipment theft to data breaches and cyberattacks. Unfortunately, these threats can significantly influence a company’s image and profitability. According to a 2021 report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average data breach cost for small businesses is $2.98 million.

Although data breaches and other security risks are highly prevalent in various industries, the good news is you can take steps to save your organization by upgrading your company ID cards. A secure ID card can protect your workplace from unauthorized entries and help your employees feel safer. Make your company ID cards more secure with the following steps.

Use High-Quality Materials

Poor quality ID cards can also high costs for your company, as they are more likely to have ridges, burrs, or dust in or on the card’s surface. These increase the risk of damage and may need to be replaced more frequently.

ID cards made with high-quality materials, such as polycarbonate, can be more challenging to counterfeit. These materials can also have features that make them tamper-proof, such as holograms or special inks.

Enable Smart Card Technology

Smart card technology, also known as chip-and-pin, can add an extra layer of security to ID cards. These cards have a microchip that can store information and require a PIN or password to access.

Another form of smart card technology involves using proximity cards. A proximity card, also known as a prox card, is a contactless smart card that the card reader machine can read without being inserted. Proximity cards store important data that allow readers to determine if the cardholder is authorized to enter a specific area. Contact a reputable company to create the best proximity ID cards for your organization. Proximity cards will take your organization’s security to the next level and help you reduce security risks.

Choose RFID Blocking Technology

RFID blocking technology can prevent unauthorized scanning of ID cards. This technology works by blocking the radio waves used to read the data on the card. It is an important element in an ID card, as the technology can track and provide real-time data about the cardholder.

Another key benefit of RFID technology’s tracking features is that it allows you to track your employee’s activities. When your employees know you are aware of when they are entering and exiting a building, they will likely be more productive.

Train Security Personnel

Even if you have a highly secure ID card system, there is no harm in hiring a security management company to secure your workplace further. However, some security personnel fail to spot signs of forgery in ID cards due to a lack of training, resulting in unauthorized access to the building.

The security personnel who handle ID cards must be trained to spot signs of forgery or tampering. This includes looking for inconsistencies in the photo, checking the security features, and verifying the person’s identity.

An ID card system is vital to a secure workplace but requires more than just a photo and a name. Incorporating the above measures will secure your ID cards and prevent fraud and identity theft.

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