Blurbs, Blobs, and Blunders from a Techno Geek with Telephonitis

Blurbs, Blobs, and Blunders from a Techno Geek with Telephonitis

There is something approximately a voice mail message that just twists up my underclothes and ties my tongue in knots! Have you ever observed, the instant you press file on that goofy little black whiz-bang, your tongue receives all twisted and gnarled and you could’t see cuz your eyeteeth are all covered up in slobber and drool and your voice receives shakey and insane?

When you run a business from home, the least you may do is have a expert sounding voicemail for while your clients call and you can’t solution the telephone, but for some loopy unknown motive, I can’t get my voicemail to sound like something aside from a infant speaking via a mouth full of marshmallows, chocolate, and bubblegum. Or worse, like I simply woke up from an overdose of herb tea and chocolate included donuts.

Whether it’s a voice mail I’m leaving for a patron or the only on my own telephone, for taking messages, my message sounds garbled and nutty.

Some of the more exciting messages I’ve left:

A) Hi that is Jan, I can’t come to the telephone, prevent that! Proper now, and I can’t keep speakme on this factor, will you stop harassing me till I can get this recorded.

B) Hi that is Jan, in a second you’ll pay attention a buzz, it isn’t a bee, depart your name and number and I’ll…darn it! Prevent speakme while I’m doing this please!

C) Hi this is Jan at 719 variety – name me again please. Did you have to burp in my ear after I became leaving a message —- hang up the smartphone!

D) Hi this is Jan, *scream* get that cat out of right here, I’m recording my voicemail.

E) Hi this is Jan, you’ve reached *stutter, stutter* the incorrect range, go away your call and variety and I’ll name you returned at… did I simply say that?

F) *I forgot my call* Yo, I ain’t right here now, go away various. I’ll either name you lower back or forget about your name and wish you’ll depart, however… you’ll have done the sector a provider by way of keeping my smartphone busy and saving some other terrible soul from having to listen my voice nowadays. Okay, I’m going to begin this recording another time and wish I can recollect my name.

G) Hi, this is Jan, I’m no longer available for the time being, I uhh… ran out of donuts, my coffee cup is empty, and I’m truly unwell of ringing telephones so I’ve left the house on the lookout for a quiet area, greater donuts , and an ever-full coffee cup. If I find it, I’ll name you lower back and permit you to recognize where heaven is. Or perhaps I gained’t… Leave a number just in case.

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