When Is the Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance?

When Is the Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance?

Just recently my wife and some of her friends took a trip to the rhinobooksnashville.com Republic. It was her first adventure into foreign travel so knowing my wife I knew that I would get some great material for my readers and boy was I right. This being her first travel overseas I was greatly concerned about her security. So being the loving and devoted husband I am, I jotted down some foreign travel safety ideas.

Being a Veteran and having the fortune of seeing some of the crappiest and dangerous places on the planet foreign travel security is something that I take very seriously especially when that person traveling overseas is my wife. Now that being said, when you are traveling overseas to other parts of the world it’s very important especially if you’re going to be in Southeast Asia, or in the Polynesian area for the first time or Europe for that matter, be sure to find out where the local area U.S. embassy is. (Knowing where the Embassy is before hand can make your foreign travel go much easier.)

When you’re traveling overseas, be sure to have a copy of your passport page the front page specifically, the reason you will need this is, if while on your foreign travel someone takes your passport you’re not going to be able to identify yourself at a U.S. embassy. You leave one copy of this page at home, you take one copy with you on your foreign travel and keep it somewhere else other than where your passport is.

Where do you go while traveling overseas to find out where the local U.S. embassy is? “usembassy.state.gov” to find out before you leave on your foreign travel outside the United States, it’ll give you a list of U.S. embassy locations in all parts of the world you’ll know right where you have to go even if you’re going to several different countries, this is a matter of your personal security while on foreign travel. If it’s extra information that you had to find out ahead of time and you don’t need it on your travel overseas well good for you because that’s the way you want it but if you do need it you’re prepared, make sure you’re secure and it starts with information.

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