Finding A Great Cashmere Travel Set

Finding A Great Cashmere Travel Set

Most people looking for a cashmere travel set are looking at it for themselves or as a quality gift for a special person.

If you have already decided to get a travel blanket, the next thing to consider is what type. While there are many effective travel blankets that are cheaper, cashmere is one of the most naturally lovely and lightweight materials you can find and is worth getting.

A cashmere travel set of course usually has a cashmere travel blanket, but the other accessories that may make the set could be any one of the following:

  • a pillow case for a travel pillow
  • an eye mask
  • slippers or socks

Why choose cashmere?

Cashmere also often known as pashmina, and less commonly pashm, has properties that makes it a desirable material for making luxury products. It is made from the soft hairs from the throat and underbelly of Cashmere/Kashmir goats, by and large mostly coming from Mongolia. Find more from Wikipedia.

In the case of fashioning travel blankets, the property most advantageous is that though considered a wool it is soft and comfortable (no wool itch here), it is lightweight and yet has the ability to keep you very warm when it is cold, conversely when it is hot you will not get overheated.

What Makes the Cashmere Travel Set a Perfect Gift?

If you know someone who is difficult to choose a present for but travels a lot or soon going on a trip, a travel set is a thoughtful option that both shows you care and is not stingy. The cashmere sets come in many colors, so you are sure to be able to choose a set according to each person’s favorite color. Of course if you actually get a cashmere travel blanket set, and not just any other travel set, then nobody can accuse you of being stingy, as they do not come cheap.

They also make great exclusive and luxurious presents to give to executives and you may even get them monogrammed to make them more individual.

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