How to Travel for a Living: Some Ideas

How to Travel for a Living: Some Ideas

Travelling for a dwelling is many humans’s concept of a dream life. But how will you pass approximately making that dream a reality? There are many roles that will let you perform a little visiting, however here are a few options that, in case you are lucky and hard working, ought to permit you to live life on the road, visiting from place to vicinity, assembly new human and seeing and doing interesting new matters:

Travel Writer

Of route, making a living as a author is by no means easy. But with tough paintings and a piece of savvy, it is possible. Many folks write about travel from our personal houses in among our adventures however the lucky few have controlled to wrangle a existence for themselves where they are able to have the funds for to support a lifestyles of consistent tour. Look into all options, on line and stale, and constantly be prepared for and open to new possibilities. You never realize what doorways your writing should open for you.


Another alternative is to sign up for the campaign to save the earth. You ought to start through volunteering (in go back for meals and board) with WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) or POOSH, who fit up volunteers with ecologically pleasant and sustainable self-build house projects. Other options consist of applying to paintings on a Greenpeace deliver, or with any other environmental corporation.

Charity/Aid Worker

If you want to help others while you tour the arena then perhaps you could observe to work with a charity or aid organization, if you want to sometimes will let you travel to a few remote and exciting areas and do a lot of precise while you are there.


You ought to get a teaching qualification and work contracts teaching English in various international locations global, or possibly if you are lucky you can even get a gig working with a journeying own family, coaching their youngsters at the same time as they cross spherical the sector on a yacht or on long street journeys.

Nanny/ Au-Pair

Likewise, wealthy visiting households may additionally want a nanny/au-pair to look after their kids at some stage in their adventures. Or you may take quick term individual contracts and travel around the world from put up to publish. You ought to like kids though and be right with them, as with this selection you’ll be spending a variety of time with young humans.


If you’re fortunate enough to have musical skill and are capable of play an instrument well, it may open many doorways round the sector. (Obviously a piano or double bass could no longer tour well but something like a guitar might be ideal.) Busking and gigging international extensive some people have managed to make enough to journey indefinitely. Perhaps you can be part of their number?

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