How to Talk to Someone Who Likes to Travel – Networking Note Cards

How to Talk to Someone Who Likes to Travel – Networking Note Cards

The following questions and statements are to help average, everyday people like you and I hang in during a conversation with someone who expresses that they love to travel. These talking points are important for people like me and you who don’t travel much and wouldn’t know the Tour Consultancy thing to talk about with someone who is a traveling guru.


1) “How do you familiarize yourself with foreign societial customs?” This question will get them to talk about how they adapt to the environment that they find themselves in when they travel. Someone who travels frequently will enjoy explaining to you the different types of quirky customs that they run into when they travel.

2) “How do you prefer to travel once you are abroad?” Here you can identify the most efficient means that they use to travel once they are abroad. This opens up a ton of conversation potential because foreign travel is a whole conversation in itself.  Find out the dangers and pleasures of traveling once abroad. You should get some stories from this question.

3) “How do you reduce the cost of traveling?” Travelers, who travel frequent and often, have a mind full of money and time saving tips that they can’t wait to express to you if you ask. This will instantly smooth the mood in a conversation with someone who is a traveling expert. Take note of what they tell you here; you never know when it will come in useful.

4) “What are the bare necessary items you possess when traveling?” By asking you this question you will be able to get them to reveal their professional experience which only comes from people who have traveled a fair to moderate amount. Find out what you should leave home and what you should buy once you are abroad.

5) “I heard there are many must see places in ____. Where have you been?” Think about the experiences you have that others do not. If you felt that they were sincerely interested in your experiences and asked you about them you would be elated go into acute detail about it. By the end of your monologue, and after a sigh of relief, you would think that this person is a blast to talk to all because they let you express your experiences to them. That is the same concept for this question.


1) “My most exciting adventure occurred when…” Sprinkle this statement into the conversation rather than dumping it as a monologue onto their lap. It can be followed with a real place you have ventured to or if you haven’t ever been to anywhere exciting you can add some humor by saying something like “…I went to the post office yesterday.”

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