Travel Policies for Corporate Employees

Travel Policies for Corporate Employees

Travel management companies offer a set of integrated travel solutions to their clients. A good corporate manager is able to set corporate travel policy guidelines and establish procedures for professionals traveling on company business. A proper travel policy plan maximizes cost benefits.

Corporate travel to countries at war and at risk of war must be avoided. Employees should not travel to countries, where travel warning has been issued by the state department. While traveling, safety and security travelpamphlet must be ensured. Employees traveling on University business must keep the corporate business travel card.

For corporate travel overseas, register with an embassy. These embassies provide all the support in case of emergency. Keep the telephone numbers and address of the nearest travel agency or embassy handy. Avoid carrying membership cards and luggage tags with company name.

Return travel arrangement must be made in advance. Also, re-confirm airline reservations 24 hours prior to departure. Give a copy of flight schedule and lodging details to your clients and associates. Avoid public gatherings and demonstrations. Business travelers should not accept any offers including gifts and packages from unknown people. It is recommended to view the recent travel advisories for your destinations. Because of increased political threats, always keep away from targeted locations. Do not show off your valuable documents and money to the public. Take personal responsibility for travel safety.

Corporate travelers must also take proper vaccinations. All professionals traveling on company business are required to take business travel insurance before planning their trip. Business travel insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, flight delay, trip cancellation, theft, and losses.

Designated corporate travel agencies offer unparalleled services to the clients. Travel agents ease your complicated corporate travel arrangements and provide needed assistance. They help you to get affordable hotel, discounted airfares, and car rentals.

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