What is a Rostering Tool?

What is a Rostering Tool?

A rostering tool is intelligent software that brings together your staffing requirements and your staff availability to create accurate and visible rosters. Roster scheduling software such as Humanforce takes all staffing requirements including qualifications, leave, and availability and automatically creates accurate rosters. A rostering tool can also integrate with other software platforms including payrolls and human resource management.

Roster Scheduling Challenges  

Adequate Staffing for Each Shift and Location

Arranging adequate rosters across multiple locations while taking into account various staff working arrangements, desired rosters and any qualifications required is a time consuming and difficult task and can be subject to constant changes even when completed.

Staff Absenteeism and Lateness

Staff cancelling shifts or turning up late causes headaches for shift managers and roster scheduling. Phone calls to find replacement staff and cover for missed shifts are time-consuming and inefficient.

Compliance of Regulatory Requirements

Difficulties in meeting industry regulations and awards including break times, leave, and required certification can present risks to companies.

Sticking to Budget

Badly managed overtime or over rostering can cause budget blow-outs.

Ensuring Accurate pay Schedule

Matching myriad shift rosters to multiple staff often leads to employers receiving incorrect pay. Staff satisfaction can suffer greatly if pay is frequently inaccurate.

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Roster Publishing Difficulties

If staff do not have adequate visibility to the roster, many problems can arise. Perceptions of favouritism are common, as well as changes to rosters being more difficult when access to full staff rosters are not available.

Merging Staff Metrics

Keeping track of staff performance is easier when referenced to hours, locations and individual staff members.

Benefits of a Rostering Tool

All these issues can be addressed and smoothed out with the installation of a rostering tool such as Humanforce roster scheduling software to ensure greater shift management accuracy. The tool will use the information input on staff working arrangements, qualifications, and availability and match this with compliance requirements to create a roster that meets all staffing levels for each location, making the roster instantly available to staff on their mobile devices. Shift workers are then able to independently use the tool to advertise shifts or post availability for extra shifts, leaving management to spend time on more productive business tasks.

Adequate and suitable staffing provides a positive and safe working environment for team members. Management can also access communication tools to keep staff updated on all company news as well as organise team and training events. Roster tools such as Humanforce can also be integrated with payrolls and synced with staff clock on and clock off times and their bank details for highly accurate and timely wage payment.

In-built data collection and analysis across multiple variables allows management to reward high performing staff and be aware of high levels of absenteeism. This can help with increased staff retention and satisfaction, all of which contributes to better productivity.

The Humanforce rostering tool offers solutions to all your shift work problems, generating seamless and accurate roster schedules for all industries, every day of the week.

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