All you Need to Know About the Engine Protection Add-On in Four-Wheeler Insurance

All you Need to Know About the Engine Protection Add-On in Four-Wheeler Insurance

The engine is one of the most important components of any four-wheeler. It is the engine that keeps the vehicle running smoothly and in order. If the engine suffers any problem, the vehicle is bound to run into difficulties. Despite the importance of the engine, many people neglect to take care of it or cover it under their four-wheeler insurance policy. Remember that repairing your car engine can cost you a fortune. To protect your finances, opt in for the engine protection add-on in your four-wheeler insurance policy. In this article, we take a look at the benefits of having this add-on.

How Does the Engine Protection Add-On Provide Coverage?  

An engine protection add-on protects you from hefty repairs costs when the engine of your four-wheeler suffers damage and requires repairs. A comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy is generally not equipped to cover damages to the engine, so opting for this add-on becomes essential.

For example, imagine a situation in which your car meets with a major accident which leads to a lot of damage to the vehicle. Even though your engine may be secured deep under the vehicle’s external frame, it still has the potential to get damaged easily under pressure. If that does happen and you raise a claim on your four-wheeler insurance policy, the insurer will only make payments for the other damages as mentioned in the policy. The expenses for the repair of the engine will generally not be considered.

However, with an engine protection add-on, you can receive compensation for the repair to the engine as well.

The engine protection cover is especially useful if you live in places that witness heavy rainfall. If your car engine sustains water damage, you may incur heavy expenses for repair. Having a car insurance policy that has the engine protection cover add-on will prove very useful in this case.

Inclusions Within the Engine Protection Add-on

Generally, the engine protection add-on provides cover for –

  • Expenses for the repair of the crankshaft
  • Expenses for the repair of the piston
  • Expenses for the repair of the cylinder of the engine
  • Expenses for the repair of the gearbox

Your insurer may offer coverage for parts other than these too. Do read the fine print of your policy to know the extent of coverage you can expect.

Note: Some insurers may also place an age limit for four-wheelers beyond which this add-on may not be offered.

Why is the Engine Protection Add-on Important? 

Ask any four-wheeler owner and they will tell you how expensive the repair of the engine usually is. For a regular hatchback car, the expenses for the repair of the piston, pins, crankshaft, cylinder, and so on can go up to Rs 1 lakh. Such a hefty amount can easily put a dent in your savings. Therefore, opt in for this add-on. A small increase in the cost of your premium will save you from major financial losses if your engine requires repair.

We hope that this article has helped improve your understanding of the importance of the engine protection add-on in car insurance.

Good luck and drive safely!

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