Custom Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings

Custom Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings

You can make a one-of-a-kind truly timeless choice by choosing custom wedding rings (and a unique engagement ring if you don’t already have one). Although the wedding only lasts one day, your marriage – and a unique engagement ring or wedding ring – will last a lifetime. Here are some ideas to make your rings as special as you are.

Custom Wedding Rings

A permanent embodiment of your loving union, a wedding ring is a great place to express your personality and style. If you think of wedding bands as simple rings, think again! As you will see, there are endless ways to create the unique wedding ring of your dreams.

Add Colored Gemstones

Sapphire wedding rings, whether yellow, blue, or pink, are a durable and unique choice, and because sapphires are very hard and scratch resistant, they are well suited for everyday wear. They pair well with diamonds, work in various conditions, and go well with other bands (like anniversary bands and baby gifts). You might also consider choosing your partner’s stone ring to celebrate your love truly. Make a beautiful statement by choosing life in color!

Focus On The Details

Wedding rings that showcase elaborate design details such as floral or natural motifs, intricate designs, two-tone precious metals, or special symbols that reflect heritage create a unique and personal look.

Go The Vintage Route.

For a truly unique look, browse vintage wedding rings from decades past. These rings often have details that are not typical of modern rings, such as engraving and milgrain, and you will often find colored gemstones or pearl inserts in wedding rings from earlier eras.

Make It Custom.

Of course, one way to guarantee uniqueness is to create a custom wedding ring. Valeriacustomjewelry works with many brides and grooms to design whatever their heart’s desire—if you can imagine it, we can turn it into your custom wedding ring. Our simple step by step process makes it stress-free to create even the most intricate designs. Our collections of unique custom wedding rings are sure to inspire you!

Create A Twist On A Classic Style

If you get a ring design that you like, make it your own by combining or changing style elements. Replace the gem with the color or shape of your choice, change the finish (polished to matte or vice versa), or add small details like engraving or milgrain (microbeads).

Opt For Rose Gold

Rose gold is an excellent precious metal choice for brides looking for an unusual twist in a classic style. This seductive pink shade helps any wedding ring stand out from the crowd, but its soft warmth is uniquely suited to sophisticate modern wedding rings or romantic vintage style rings. While many brides opt for a flawless look that pairs a rose gold wedding ring with a rose gold engagement ring, metal mixing is growing. For a bold look, consider pairing a white gold engagement ring with a rose gold wedding ring.

Personalize It

Many wedding rings can be engraved to add personality and expression. You can engrave your wedding ring – inside or outside – with your wedding date, a few words from “your song,” your new monogram, a special saying, or even a fingerprint. A fingerprint ring is a fantastic way to make your ring unique. This is an excellent and stylish way to highlight your partner’s personality. You can have a seal on the inside of a ring like a secret message, a seal on the outside of a ring as a unique design, or combine your prints to represent your union. There is no reverse way to decorate your wedding ring!

Add Secret Details

One exciting and meaningful way to make your wedding ring unique is to add personal details to the inner rim of the ring – this could be an engraving, a loved one’s fingerprint, or a hidden gem (like your new spouse’s). Wearing these highly personal details on your skin where no one can see them can be the perfect romantic gesture. Need inspiration? Check out ideas for new Wedding rings from

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