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How Do I Choose My Term Insurance Tenure?

How Do I Choose My Term Insurance Tenure?

Depending on income, lifestyle, expenses, borrowings, and more, the term insurance coverage of a person may differ. You should take out a policy that is between 10 and 12 times your gross annual income if you are under the age of 55. This amount may be sufficient to meet the needs of the coming years as well as counter inflation.

As many insurance products are available on the market, it can be hard to choose the right period for term insurance. Now, in order to be able to select an insurance tenure, you will need to understand the factors that have to be remembered.

What Is The Right Durations Of A Term Insurance Plan?

It is an essential task to decide on the duration of term insurance before taking out a policy. You will be charged more if you select a duration of protection for the long term. This is one of the key factors that determines your premium for term insurance. The duration of the policy is generally between 5 and 40 years for the maximum number of insurance providers. Ensure that the age of retirement is taken into consideration when taking out a term insurance policy.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Term Insurance Tenure

When choosing the length of a term life insurance plan, it is important to keep in mind the following factors:

1. Age

When deciding on the duration of a term life insurance policy, an important factor to take into account is age. You’re going to have a longer tenure if you choose the plan earlier. For example, a person 26 years of age who chooses a term life insurance plan will be entitled to receive an annual benefit of 50 years. In contrast, a person buying an insurance product at 50 years of age is covered for 30 years.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Try to select a longer duration of coverage when choosing your term insurance policy. Be aware that the premium will be lower if the duration of the policy is longer. For this reason, you must decide on a reasonable amount of cash flow and savings so as to be able to withdraw the premiums in full for your whole term.

3. Maximise Tenancy

In case of financial emergencies, you should always be ready. Therefore, in order to purchase a term life insurance policy, it is appropriate for you to choose the highest duration available per your age and profile. You can choose a tenure of 40 years, for example, if your age is 25 and you need to have life insurance in 30 years, as there are no indications that a financial crisis will occur.

4. Financial Goals

As a family man, you are always concerned about taking care of your loved ones and achieving the necessary financial goals at different stages in life. In the event of the sudden death of an insured person and his family, term life insurance will provide financial protection to the insured person and his family. Therefore, in order to achieve the necessary financial goals for your family with an assured amount when you’re not there, you should choose a policy term carefully.

5. Liabilities

If you have unpaid loans, your insurance policy’s coverage must match that amount, and the policy’s tenure must match or exceed the length of the EMI payments. As a result, the debt will not burden the family upon the insured person’s passing, and the insurance proceeds will allow them to settle the debt.


Your premium will be higher if the duration of your protection is longer than you have opted for. This is one of the main factors that determines how much you pay for your term insurance. The duration depends on how long you want to provide financial protection to your family in the event of an accident.

Most insurance companies usually offer a policy term of between 5 and 40 years. Depending on the age of retirement, one should always choose a policy term. Of course, it could be different. If you choose to retire at 60 years old, there might be someone who would prefer the retirement age of 65. To get a term insurance plan, choose plans like Aditya Birla Sun Life Term Insurance plan.

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