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Draeger Gas Detector Tube Technical Information

Draeger Gas Detector Tube Technical Information

There are positive policies and pointers to be followed to ensure right usage and correct effects whilst the use of Draeger Gas Detector Tubes, along with the tubes determined inside the Simultaneous Test Sets supplied with the Draeger CDS Kit.

Draeger Gas Detector Tube Storage

To assure the accuracy of the tube indication at some point of the shelf life,  my casinoweb-Tubes need to be stored in the original package deal at room temperature (approximately 20 C). A word on the package deal indicates a maximum storage temperature of 25 C (i.E. 77 F). Avoid excessively low (less than 35 F) or higher (greater than 77 F) temperatures throughout storage and do no longer problem the tubes to mild for extended intervals.

Draeger Gas Detector Tube Use in Cold Temperatures

Since a number of the reagents can freeze beneath 0 C it is nearly not possible to present correction elements for the use of detector tubes in cold temperature. However, there’s a simple answer to the trouble, specifically to make certain that the temperature within the tube stays within the running range (see operating instructions) at some point of the measurement. The simplest manner to do this is to maintain the tube warm via keeping it closely within the hand. This approach is useful down to -20 C (i.E. -4 F). Sports mittens with a slit within the palm work well on the decrease temperatures.

Draeger Gas Detector Tube Disposal

Do now not dispose of used or expired Draeger-Tubes in home waste. Draeger-Tubes need to be disposed of well, for the reason that reagent device of the tube contains chemical substances, even though the chemical substances are present in extraordinarily small amounts.

The storage or disposal of chemicals ought to be conducted according to local, nation and federal policies. Draeger Safety can offer the tube person a letter with trendy feedback on disposal requirements as well as an attachment listing the pre-use contents of each of 15 described businesses of tubes (primarily based on chemical reactants).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maintains a toll-free smartphone provider known as the RCRA Hotline, which presents steering on regulatory troubles. The wide variety for the RCRA Hotline is 800-424-9346.

Draeger Supplemental Short Term Detector Tubes

The tubes in the Simultaneous Test Sets of the CDS Kit are characterised as “semi-quantitative”, supplying tough estimations on the concentrations of eight chemical retailers. Draeger has almost two hundred short-time period tube alternatives able to detecting over 1,000 different chemicals.

There is space within the CDS Kit for six extra containers of individual detector tubes, which might be also used with the accuro sampling pump provided. Selection of those tubes is an person desire and is influenced by means of what chemical substances is probably predicted to be present in a certain vicinity. For example, if there may be a nearby commercial facility that has certain chemical compounds in use for his or her strategies, tubes for the ones specific chemical substances would be a likely preference.

There are positive common chemical or chemical families for which person tubes most usually may be selectively brought to the CDS Kit. An evaluate of some of these, and applicable tubes to reply, is offered here. More targeted records is constantly available from Draeger Safety or our Authorized Distributors.


Ammonia is the 3rd largest quantity chemical produced inside the United States and is utilized in a big form of programs. Draeger manufactures 5 exceptional quick-time period ammonia tubes able to locate from 0.25 to one hundred,000 ppm. The tube with the most application within the TLV and IDLH tiers is the Ammonia five/a (P/N CH20501), which can measure among five-700 ppm. The tube also can locate different basic gases which includes organic amines.


Chlorine is the 9th maximum volume chemical produced inside the United States, still most generally used in water purification. Draeger manufactures 3 one-of-a-kind quick-time period tubes capable of hit upon from zero.02 to 500 ppm. The encouraged tube will be the Chlorine zero.2/a (P/N CH24301) able to measuring among zero.02-30 ppm. This tube is also capable of estimating tiers of chlorine dioxide if present. Additionally, it has sensitivity to bromine and nitrogen dioxide.

Carbon Monoxide

May be present in toxic concentrations at the website online of a fire. Draeger provides five exclusive short-term tubes for the detection of CO, together with the Carbon Monoxide 10/b (P/N CH20601). This tube is able to measuring from 10 to 3000 ppm CO. As the tube has sensitivity to some of hydrocarbons a carbon pre-tube can be provided to get rid of interfering materials.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Draeger gives 10 extraordinary tubes for the dimension of hydrogen sulfide, that is quite flammable and toxic by using inhalation. TLV is 10 ppm in air. The Hydrogen Sulfide 5/b tube (P/N CH29801) has a detection variety of 5-600 ppm.

Petroleum Hydrocarbons

The Draeger Petroleum Hydrocarbons 10/a tube (P/N 8101691) has specific sensitivities to hexane, heptane, octane and different hydrocarbons. The widespread calibration is for n-octane at 10 to 300 ppm. This tube is consequently able to general size of some of not unusual substances including fuel, kerosene/aviation gas, diesel gasoline and numerous solvents/spirits.

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Different chlorinated hydrocarbons still have some of applications including dry cleaning (perchloroethylene), solvents (trichloroethane), degreasing (trichloroethylene) and adhesive manufacturing (vinyl chloride). Draeger manufactures tubes for some of these particular compounds. The two maximum usually used in HazMat Response were the Perchloroethylene 2/a (P/N 8101501), range of two-300 ppm, and the Trichloroethylene 10/a (P/N CH24401), that may measure 50-2000 ppm of TCE.

BTEX Compounds

The fragrant compounds benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene have a huge presence in the chemical/petrochemical markets in a huge variety of makes use of. The tube with the most software in quantifying all BTEX compounds except benzene is the Toluene five/b tube (P/N 8101661). Of the five exceptional tubes supplied for benzene size (collective range of 0.5 to 420 ppm), the most benzene particular is the Benzene zero.5/c (P/N 8101841), that can measure from zero.5 to two hundred ppm.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is the twenty fifth highest quantity chemical produced in the United States and normally is used in food processing, steel pickling, metallic cleansing and numerous acidizing packages. Measurement of the gaseous hydrogen chloride fraction is finished with either of hydrochloric acid tubes. The decrease range Hydrochloric Acid 1/a (P/N CH29501) covers the range of zero.1 to one hundred ppm.

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