Master The Art Of Automated Advertising With These 5 Tips

Master The Art Of Automated Advertising With These 5 Tips

Have you ever noticed how much time you devote to maintaining your marketing material on social media and other platforms each day? You haven’t really embraced marketing automation, obviously, if your reaction to that question made you cringe.

For professionals with hectic schedules who want to maximize their marketing efforts while also saving time, marketing automation software is a godsend. Statistics show that up to 36% of marketers utilize marketing automation to automate monotonous operations. Furthermore, automated marketing initiatives are surpassing those of their rivals for 63% of those who have invested in marketing automation tools.

Automated Marketing is Important

The term “marketing automation” describes the use of clever software to automate marketing tasks. This includes adding live chat functionality to your website, utilizing inbox filtering software, scheduling your social media postings in advance, etc. As you can see, marketing automation provides a more effective approach to do a number of necessary but repetitive jobs. Thanks to advanced data collecting and analysis, it also enables marketers to give their consumers more customized experiences.

Marketing Automation’s Advantages

A study found that marketers cited time savings as automation’s top advantage (74%). Increased client involvement (68%), prompt communications (58%) and more chances, including upselling (58%), followed this.

High levels of personalisation, which are essential to your customers’ experiences, are also made possible through automation. Additionally, by handling the everyday chores, the software frees up your marketing team to concentrate on more strategic responsibilities, which encourages greater creativity.

5 Marketing Automation Techniques that Work

You may not be aware that marketing automated advertising may increase sales by 14.5% while lowering marketing expenses by 12.2%.

Although automating your marketing activities increases your revenue, it does not take the place of more conventional marketing strategies.

Yes, your programme won’t create emails or articles for you, but it will send your communications to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate times, thereby increasing your lead generation rate and sales!

1. Increase Traffic by Using Dynamic Content

Customers these days expect a high level of personalisation and have no time for unnecessary stuff. Therefore, having no material on your website is just as terrible as providing inaccurate information with your potential customers, who prefer to work with companies who can foresee their needs.

Fortunately, there is assistance available in the shape of adaptive or intelligent material that adapts to the preferences of the viewers and provides a highly personalized experience. When a prospect meets the pre-set parameters of your dynamic content and dynamic ad creative, you may show bespoke HTML on your website, landing pages, and emails using tools like Pardot.

Of course, it’s still your responsibility to provide engaging content that connects with your audience. For best effectiveness, we highly advise that you gather and evaluate lead data from your marketing automation software before beginning a behavior-based campaign.

2. Include an AI-Enabled Chatbot for Round-the-clock Customer Support

You either spend truckloads on recruiting a sizable support team or risk the ire of your potential and current clients at a time when they want you to meet their needs “immediately.”

Alternatively, you may think about using a smart chatbot to assist your customer care staff around-the-clock and save time and effort for both users and agents.

Adding a chatbot to your business has a number of advantages. These include faster response times, 24/7 support, cost savings, proactive customer service, and an overall better CX.

Chatbots are widely used by businesses to respond to routine and simple client inquiries, greatly lowering response times for customers and the burden of their employees. Another application for chatbots is proactive marketing. AI may monitor consumer activity to make tailored recommendations and offers based on past browsing habits. If you are concerned about chats seeming robotic, AI-enabled chatbots are starting to overcome this barrier by utilizing NLP to analyze remarks and provide thoughtful responses.

3. Use Live Chat to Increase Engagement

Over 50% of customers, it has been found, prefer real-time online communication versus calling customer service. By interacting with prospects in real-time, live chat not only improves your customer service but also helps you produce excellent leads.

Additional advantages of live chat for increasing your marketing efforts are listed below:

Simplify Your Procedures

Live chat, which combines actual people and bots, may successfully help you optimize your business processes. For instance, bots can handle the opening portion of the interaction and refer your consumers to the appropriate department for more efficient communications.

Utilize Conversation Transcripts To Get Consumer Information

The chats are all saved by live chat software, which can be utilized to monitor user behavior and obtain insightful knowledge to improve your marketing efforts.

Create an Email List

Six Simple Steps To Mastering Marketing Automation

In return for their email address or other contact details, your live chat operators may engage visitors to your website with tailored offers or information. Once you have this information, whether a visitor buys anything on your site or not, you can keep them updated about your product or service with frequent emailers, enhancing the odds of conversion.

Encourage Tourists to Act

You may engage with your visitors at different stages in their journey and direct them to do the necessary actions on your site quickly by utilizing live chat software. For instance, if a visitor is exploring shirts on your website, your live chat representative can advise the many colors that are offered. A message with the option to “Buy Now” might appear after this to prompt action.

4. Use Automated Drip Campaigns to Increase Conversions

You may more effectively target your leads by segmenting them based on factors like demographics, geography, purchasing patterns, engagement level, etc. However, manually splitting your leads takes a lot of time. Fortunately, the majority of email marketing automation platforms enable you to automatically separate your leads so that you can choose the content you want to publish with each group. After segmenting your list, you can make a series of lead nurturing emails for each listing to increase engagement and conversion rates.

A drip campaign, or an automated campaign that responds to your clients’ online activity, is what we were talking to above. Here, you customize your content for each lead based on how they interacted with your website or product, as opposed to delivering the identical message to all of your email subscribers. For instance, you may target highly engaged leads with a series of instructional pieces or mini-courses that are likely to be of interest to them. Alternatively, you might send your leads routine emails that gradually introduce facts about your product and conclude with a marketing offer.

5. Assess Your Success Using a Dashboard of Automated Analytics

If you don’t compare the outcomes to established KPIs, you can’t know if your marketing activities are effective or not. Of course, you could spend valuable time physically investigating all of your analytics data. Alternatively, you may automate your analytics dashboard and monitor all of your digital marketing and digital advertising automation activities from one location by using a solution like Cyfe.


As said at the beginning of the essay, brands may greatly profit from automated marketing initiatives. However, automation only produces results when used wisely, just like anything else.

For instance, automated marketing is perfect for reaching the correct audience at the right time with the appropriate message. You cannot, however, rely on software to create the “appropriate” message for you! Similar to entirely automating your social media accounts, this might alienate your audience and result in frigid interactions. In the end, you are selling to people, thus keeping a human element in your company will always make people smile.

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