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Best Neighborhoods in Newton MA To Rent An Apartment

Best Neighborhoods in Newton MA To Rent An Apartment

Newton may not always come first to mind when you think of all of the great neighborhoods to live in Metro Boston.  It often gets left out of the discussion of best suburbs to live behind places like Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville.  Make no mistake, Newton is one of the best places to live in Metro Boston!

Located just 11 miles outside of Boston, Newton offers residents a quiet and affluent suburban setting with just a 20 minute commute into the city.  Those relying on public transportation can make it into Downtown Boston in less than an hour.  Combine these factors, and you have a great option for living in Boston.  If you’re leasing an apartment like many Boston locals, here are the best places to rent Newton apartments!

Areas With The Most Apartment Listings in Newton

Newton MA’s housing inventory is diverse and it consists of areas with lots of rental opportunities and others that are mostly homeowners.  Neighborhoods like South Newton, Waban, Lower Falls and Upper Falls have the smallest inventory of available apartments, so finding an apartment rental in these neighborhoods can be a challenge.

Newtonville and Newton Corner have the largest amount of apartment inventory according to Boston Pads, the metro’s largest rental database.  Auburndale, Chestnut Hill, Newton Centre and West Newton also have large inventories of apartment rentals.  So if your going to go by the numbers, these neighborhoods will be your highest probability of finding an apartment you’ll love.

Average Rent Prices for Newton Neighborhoods

Newton’s average rent price of $2,498 is slightly lower than the metro average ($2,573), but prices can vary greatly depending on where you look.  Newton Centre has the highest average rent price at $3,996, which contrasts greatly with Newton’s most affordable neighborhood, Newton Highlands ($2,097).  Here is a list of all neighborhoods and their average rent price.

As you can see, Newton provides a wide range of rental opportunities that fit most budgets.  So if you’re looking for apartments in Boston, don’t overlook Newton.  There are some great deals to be had and a great community you’ll want to check out!

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